Proving that our technology is highly efficient in the UK

In 2002 we saw an opportunity to transfer our skills and technology to the UK. The V-Train 1 (Verification Train) was a project designed to test - and prove - that our electrical traction equipment would work in the UK.

Project summary

We created a single four-car departmental unit, which could operate on either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) lines for test purposes. The tests needed to take place on an electrically isolated site, away from the rest of the rail network, and so the train needed conventional traction in order to transfer it from the depot to the test site prior.

The V-Train demonstration did indeed prove that our traction equipment worked seamlessly in the UK.

We subsequently went on to win the order for the domestic CTRL service, our Class 395 project.

On-time delivery, supported for life

We started project V-Train 1 in 2002 and finished it in 2005.

We deployed traction systems, which were shipped to the UK from Japan, and started testing on the AC and DC networks in 2002 through until March 2005.

Once we had completed the final tests in March 2005, the contract for the domestic CTRL service (project 395) was signed in June 2005.

Exceptional performance

Our V-Train 1 project was a great success; no failures were found in the tests that we ran, proving that our technology is extremely reliable and efficient in the UK.